One of Concentrol’s top priorities is to ensure the safety and health of workers. The health crisis caused by Covid-19 calls for compliance with essential measures for the safety of suppliers, workers and customers. In this line, the company has taken action to improve the culture of prevention of occupational hazards, in order to provide all the information and logistics necessary to continue activity safely.
One of the essential points of any action of culture of prevention is to inform and instruct the company’s staff on measures and recommendations to protect everyone’s health. For this reason, this week, information about the correct speed of forklifts has been shown on the totems placed at various key points in the company. This is an action to prevent accidents by setting a maximum speed, both inside and outside the warehouses.
In addition, basic work tools have also been improved, such as the stacker. The new vehicle expands the field of view of the worker during transfers and, being narrower, facilitates the passage in narrow areas. Also, thanks to the back fixing seat, the worker has greater cushioning and can access the cab from the same seat.
Finally, Concentrol has promoted an action protocol for the symptoms of Covid-19. Before commuting to work, each worker must check their temperature and watch out for any of the symptoms of the disease: fever, headache, dry cough, shortness of breath, fatigue and muscle pain. In addition, following the measures already implemented against the spread of Covid-19, the company guarantees the workers the availability of the necessary PPE (masks, gloves, hydroalcoholic gel and soap) in order to carry out production work safely.
Since last year, Concentrol has promoted an accident control programme, under the impetus of the culture of prevention. The implementation of this initiative has been very positive: Accident 0 was achieved (time off sick due to accidents was less than 5 days for the entire staff per year) and this year we are on the way to repeating this trend. As a result, time off sick due to accidents has fallen sharply in the last two years.
Every company is made up of people who day after day make its operation possible. At Concentrol we are clear that the most important thing is the health and safety of people and, for this reason, we work to ensure that our production activity is as safe as possible for workers, customers and suppliers.