Every year China celebrates the new year with the well-known Spring Festival, the most important festival in the country. Among the 12 animals that make up the Chinese zodiac, this time it is the turn of the Metal Ox, who takes over from the Metal Rat. The first new moon of the first lunar month has marked this year’s opening on February 12, and farmers, industrialists, pharmacists, and engineers are expected to thrive in this new year.

China is one of the world powers, playing a fundamental role in the polyurethane sector. Concentrol, especially from its Performance Materials and Additives and Adhesives divisions, maintains a collaboration network with partners, suppliers, and clients in the country. Strategic sectors for the company, such as the automobile, footwear, or paint industries, are the mainstays in the country with the highest population in the world.

Concentrol presents solutions for all these sectors: on the one hand, for footwear with polyurethane soles we find release agents for polyurethane soles, stabilizers for polyurethane foams, and water-based and hot-melt adhesives.

On the other hand, for the transport vehicle sector, the company presents a wide range of basic products for the manufacture of any automobile: polyurethane release agents and silicone stabilizers, key components in the manufacture of seats, soundproofing, trays, carpets, fuel filters, among others.

Finally, with regard to paints, the Adhesives and Additives divisions present options to give the desired properties in the paint finish: antifoam agents, wax and silicone emulsions, and wetting agents.

A new year is always synonymous with new stages and opportunities. From Concentrol, we want to wish our collaborators a Happy Chinese New Year and a lot of prosperity and health. According to the horoscope, people born in the year of the Metal Ox are active, trustworthy, and responsible, three qualities that allow us to build relationships with our clients from all over the world and be able to deliver the best solutions.