As an internationally operating company, Concentrol always respects the different religious needs of its customers. In this sense, the company has long since established a very close and sincere relationship with the Jewish community and its food requirements.

Year after year, the company has been increasing the number of Kosher-certified references. So much so that, in just one year, the number of Kosher references has grown from 88 to 104. 

The Kosher certificate is a system that guarantees that both foodstuffs and related products comply with the Jewish regulations established by the laws of Kashrut, i.e. the dietary laws of the Hebrew Bible. In practice, this recognition means that the composition, ingredients, preparation and cleaning procedures of the products have to be supervised by a rabbi, who determines whether the end result is suitable for kosher consumption.

This year, two Concentrol references that contain milk protein in their composition have had to be certified by Kosher Dairy, obtaining validity from the Rabbinat. The two references in question are: PROTILAT-415 CS ST-04 and PROTILAT-415 CS P, which have been added to the list started by the reference PROTILAT-1 CS P.

The extension of the Kosher references represents a clear and decisive commitment to the Jewish community and, by extrapolation, to the global society. The ultimate goal is to ensure that Concentrol’s solutions reach all parts of the world, making them more accessible and better for everyone.