On June 16th CONCENTROL was invited to the annual meeting organized by CHEMAXIA -Italian distribution partner based in Milan – to present a conference about the results of our analysis and synthesis capacity in silicone surfactants as well as a corporate presentation on mold release agents.

At the conference on surfactants, CONCENTROL presented the results of the application of three surfactants created for different applications: HR-Molding, rigid foams and flexible foams. During CONCENTROL’s presentation, Ricardo Afonso, Area Manager for Italy, explained to the public the mold release agents division from a corporate perspective. Then, it was Josep Nadal’s turn, PhD in Chemical Sciences and Technical Director at CONCENTROL PU additives. After introducing the concept of silicone surfactants and their impact on the resulting polyurethane foams, he focused on explaining how to operate with the three new silicone surfactants that have been synthesized at CONCENTROL (HR-Moldings, rigid foams and flexible foams) in some of its most important applications. We also used the opportunity to present the research work carried out at laboratories CONCENTROL around “The Effect of silicone stabiliser reactivity on the properties of rigid polyurethane foams.”

CONCENTROL wants to thank CHEMAXIA for the invitation to the conference. For CONCENTROL, being highly specialized in the synthesis of silicone surfactants and with more than 15 years of experience in polyurethane foams, it is always a pleasure to share knowledge with professionals and industry experts. It is interesting to know what requirements exist and the diversity of cases, since the flexibility with which we operate allows us to provide solutions to all kinds of needs.