As we reported last April, Concentrol is working on increasing its production area with the acquisition of a warehouse adjacent to CONCENTROL-2 that added 2,500 square meters to the current production area. This warehouse, CONCENTROL-5, will be used for storage space as well as a container unloading area. This is a new location, much closer to the production area and will mean a great improvement in the efficiency of production processes.

In the same building, work is being done to create a new laboratory for applications for demolding agents and silicone surfactants for polyurethane foams, as well as an exclusive area dedicated to the production of antifoaming powders for use in the food industry.

On the other hand, for the CONCENTROL-4 project, the first phase has already been completed, which has led to the creation of a new parking lot that is already operational. At the same time, work continues on the second phase, which will consist of the construction of a flammable products warehouse with a capacity for 1,500 pallets and adapting the land for the future 4,750 m² warehouse. This new warehouse will have two areas: the first, of 1,250 m², will be used for food products, while the second, of 3,500 m², will be dedicated to the expedition of finished products. This way, the current expedition area will become a reception area for raw materials to improve Concentrol’s layout.