To create positive group dynamics and a united human team, good communication and commitment to the project, are fundamental pillars for Concentrol. The value of the company is given by the group of people who are part of it and work day by day to get our solutions across the world. In this line, last April, the managers of Concentrol held an OutdoorLab session at FoodLab: “Top Performance: Evaluation, feedback and objectives”.

The main objectives of the activity were based on knowing the bases of the development of the people, increasing the fluidity of the communication, practicing how to establish objectives based on behaviors, aligning the development of the collaborators with the strategy and culture of the company, promoting the ability to influence transversally, and promote the role of the collaborator as the protagonist of its development plan (PDI), among others.

The activity, held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., consisted of a very dynamic and participative session that included a workshop, roleplay and group dynamics exercises. Outdoor is a methodology used to improve the work environment and enhance the leadership of the positions. Through games and competitions, the activity allows conclusions to be drawn about how the team works under pressure, the capacity for communication and cooperation among team members, and the levels of assertiveness and profitability of the company.

At Concentrol we work every day to offer and deliver the best solutions and solve the problems of our customers around the world. And this is only possible when all the gear parts cooperate and function as a team. Therefore, caring for and generating good group dynamics are basic and vital actions to build a high performance team.