Recently at CONCENTROL laboratories we formulated LP ER-838, a new corrosion remover specifically designed for removing iron oxide and corrosion from other metals. It has been developed so that it releases harmless chemical compounds into the atmosphere, it can be used easily without auxiliary equipment and it is harmless to human skin tissue.

Corrosion is a process that can be observed in nature and in our everyday and industrial environments: it is the result of time. This effect weakens the original qualities of metal and, consequently, it may have a damaging effect on parts and structures that have a specific function in their system. Therefore, we must pay attention to the oxidation of metal parts to be able to take care of them and undertake the necessary maintenance to ensure the smooth functioning of processes.

Solvent-free and Neutral pH

On the one hand, the formulation of LP ER-838 by CONCENTROL aimed at avoiding solvents in order not to release any volatile organic compound (VOC) into the atmosphere and, consequently, the result was a more sustainable product compared to other corrosion eliminators on the market. On the other hand, conventional corrosion eliminators have a very high acidic component, which puts the user at risk because they are harmful to the skin. That is why we wanted to formulate LP ER-838 with a pH close to neutral. This not only facilitates the application (making it less dangerous) but also it allows the parts affected by corrosion to be in contact with LP ER-838 for as long as necessary. The time required to remove corrosion depends on the thickness of the oxide layer on the piece, and can vary from minutes to hours.

A safe, harmless and eminently easy to apply product

To produce an excellent product, its application has to be easy, so the formulation of LP ER-838 meets the safety requirements of skin and also metal. Therefore with no aid of any auxiliary equipment, the procedure to remove corrosion from products is as simple as washing the piece (to remove any residue that prevents proper operation of