Knowing how to listen and understand the needs of the market is essential to be able to offer the best solutions to our customers. This is why at Concentrol we are dedicated to research and innovate solutions that adapt to these needs and are optimal for their use, but at the same time take into account the welfare and respect for the environment. 

The food industry specialized in cheese production is one of our main customers, for whom we offer solutions for different types of coatings and their corresponding applications. In this new White Paper, we explain in detail the main technical characteristics of the solutions we offer, the advantages of their application and their properties, accompanied by informative diagrams that will help to facilitate the choice of the product according to the type and characteristics of the cheese to be produced.

Our coating solutions act during and after the ripening stage, regulating moisture loss and protecting the cheese to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms. They also protect the cheese from material damage during transport and allow for a specific final appearance, such as color or texture.

At Concentrol we constantly analyze all our solutions in detail to check their efficiency, safety and performance. Our goal is to continue to lead with a differential and innovative offer, and with all the quality guarantees.

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