Concentrol is a chemical company whose core value is strong commitment to the environment and health. For this reason, all its activity is carried out under the most demanding regulations while continuously researching to improve its product lines so that they support a stable development of the work environment and the natural environment. In line with this and always taking care of the needs of each client, Concentrol has developed the family of silicone additives ORDISOL SWT for water-based varnishes and coatings for wood of different types. In these formulations, additives of the ORDISOL SWT range have excellent application results. Water-based varnishes and coatings are an excellent alternative to solvent-based equivalents, since the use of solvents is avoided and therefore their adverse effects are eliminated.

Most woods require a coating or varnish that gives the surface a smooth, non-porous and resistant finish. These varnishes should be easy to extend over the surface while they must not alter the natural colour of the wood. It is also imperative that the varnish does not have surface defects, such as craters, that cause irregularities on the surface altering the performance of the varnish itself and its final appearance. Traditionally, solvent-based varnishes have been used despite the negative consequences for health and the environment that this implies. Concentrol, thanks to its strong commitment to research and development, has created a family of silicone surface additives with an excellent cost-performance ratio and with which traditional solvent based formulations can be abandoned in favour of the new water-based ones. This migration is achieved maintaining good properties and an excellent finish on painted wood, avoiding the use of solvents and their adverse effects on health and the environment.

The ORDISOL SWT range of silicone additives is made up of organo-functional silicone additives, the majority of which are composed of non-hydrolysable polysiloxane polyether copolymers. Their active components are surfactant substances which, when dissolved in the mixture, must allow to control the contact angle between the coating and the substrate. Their effectiveness is very high at very low concentration, with usual doses below 1% of the total formulation. They also are highly compatible with most formulations.

The ORDISOL SWT family of silicone additives is excellent for water-based wood varnishes, as applied to the coating they reduce the surface tension by improving the wetting of the varnish in order to facilitate its application. In addition, the product is 100% transparent and does not become yellow nor affect the colour of the varnish or wood. We also have some lines that additionally provide shine. The ORDISOL SWT silicone additives are highly compatible, avoiding surface irregularities and compatibility defects such as craters, thus achieving a homogeneous and resistant film. In addition, being prepared for water-based varnishes they contribute positively to the environment and health.

Depending on the formulation of the varnish it is necessary to use wetting agents with different properties. To design or recommend the best additive it is important to know the characteristics of the varnish and how it will be applied so that Concentrol's technical team can make a personalized recommendation that best adapts to the objectives and needs of the client.

Concentrol is committed to innovation in order to provide its customers with the best chemical solutions for their needs. In the case of silicone additives, Concentrol's experience is reflected in the careful control of the synthesis of the additive. The knowledge that Concentrol has about the chemistry of silicone additives and the exhaustive control of their synthesis, allows designing products that are in accordance with each one of its customers’ requirements.