Concentrol, the leading company dedicated to developing chemical solutions for diverse industries and processes, has recently reaffirmed and extended its Halal Certificate for another year. This certification underscores the alignment of Concentrol’s products with the rigorous standards of halal production, instilling enhanced confidence and reassurance for customers and consumers who regard this certification as essential.

Concentrol’s Halal Certificate stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to global quality and customer satisfaction. Through a comprehensive audit and assessment, Concentrol’s products undergo a meticulous examination, tracing their journey throughout the entire food chain. This assessment encompasses aspects such as production, hygiene, handling, packaging, storage, and transportation processes. The aim of this evaluation is to ensure the absence of prohibited substances according to Islamic principles and to guarantee the adoption of production practices that align with Islamic consumption norms (Sharia).

With the renewal and expansion of the Halal Certificate, Concentrol firmly establishes its presence in international markets, where the demand for halal-certified products is consistently rising. This certification not only solidifies Concentrol’s position as a dependable supplier but also extends its influence into sectors such as food and related industries.

The reaffirmation and broadening of the Halal Certificate serve to reinforce Concentrol’s role as a frontrunner in providing chemical solutions across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors. Its commitment to quality, innovation, and adaptability to market demands continue to serve as the cornerstones propelling the company forward into the future.