Concentrol, a chemical solutions company dedicated to innovating with chemistry for positive societal and environmental impact, has made a shift in the nomenclature of some of its products.

Over the past year, the group has slightly adjusted the names of its product range to enhance identification, making it more visible and suitable for the type of silicone surface additive it represents. Furthermore, the entire ORDISOL range has been designated as “SVHC Free.”


What are the main changes?

This organizational update entails several changes in nomenclature. Specifically, the key differences are as follows:

  • For substrate wetting agents and anti-crater additives, which are specifically designed for aqueous systems requiring a significant reduction in surface tension, the ORDISOL SWT-XX nomenclature remains unchanged.
  • For surface control additives, which tend to provide additional properties to coatings such as slip or abrasion resistance, they are now called ORDISOL SLP-XX.
  • Since June 2018 (ED/61/2018), silicone additives containing more than 0.1% of silicone cycles D4, D5, or D6 must be declared as SVHC in the European safety datasheet.
  • Starting from February 2024, Concentrol will offer all silicone surface additives with low silicone cycle content. Through an additional stage in the production process, surface additives are purified, and silicone cycles D4, D5, and D6 are reduced to values below 0.1% each. Thus, products in the ORDISOL range do not need to be labeled as SVHC.

Consequently, the ORDISOL SWT-XX-1 nomenclature indicating that it was the silicone cycle-free version is discontinued. All products with the usual name will be either silicone cycle-free or contain values lower than <0.1% of each.

A more easily identifiable name

With this new nomenclature, Concentrol’s clients will find it easier to identify the special characteristics provided by the additive based on its name. Moreover, this change adds value to our product range, which does not require SVHC labeling, aligning better with new environmental requirements.

For Concentrol’s clients, the only significant change will be that, from now on, new orders must be placed using the new nomenclature.

With these changes, the currently consumed references will be named as follows:

Current Nomenclature New Nomenclature