The team of professionals that is part of Concentrol always strives for excellence. To continue to position itself at the forefront of the chemical solutions sector, the company is very clear that, apart from innovation and constant improvement of its solutions, it also needs a good business strategy.

For this reason, this year some team members have attended the “Disrupt the Corporate” course, a corporate innovation course aimed at companies that want to innovate through startups.

The course organized by ACCIÓ, with the collaboration of the IQS, consisted of four sessions. The first, entitled “Disruptive Innovation. The Pentagrowth model ”, was given on October 22; the second was “Corporate Entrepreneurship. Basics ”, on November 5; the third session was titled “Models of collaboration. Systematization of Corporate Venturing programs ”, and it was held on November 19; and the fourth session, “Legal and financial aspects of investing in Startups”, was held on December 3. The course ended with a brokerage event on December 10 that consisted of a simulation of interaction with startups.

The sessions were held through Zoom and combined a theoretical part, with conferences by international experts in disruptive innovation, with a more practical part, with success stories from other companies that have applied this methodology.

Concentrol highly appreciated the possibility of holding three individual workshops with the course organizers to analyze the individual work they were doing, as well as assimilating and putting into practice the content acquired in relation to corporate innovation.


Immersion in Corporate Venturing

The main objective of the training was to make an introduction to the world of corporate entrepreneurship through Corporate Venturing, understood as a source of competitiveness for companies.

The course has made it possible to identify the internal challenges of the company, define a strategy, learn what it means to manage this strategy, search for startups using databases and meet with them for their challenges.