Concentrol‘s sustainability is under the spotlight as an example of competitiveness and best practices. The good work in this direction has allowed the company to become one of the prominent speakers at the event titled “The Challenge: Becoming More Competitive and Sustainable – Success Stories.”

The event on sustainable production and consumption is organized by FOEG, the Girona Employers’ Association. The event is free and will take place on October 11th, from 09:30 to 11:00 AM, in an online format.

Representatives from three different sectors in Girona will come together during the event to provide examples and share ideas with the goal of enhancing sustainability in production and consumption, without sacrificing productivity.

Concentrol, a chemical solutions company, has had a thorough environmental care roadmap in place for some time, with short and long-term objectives. This strategy is becoming a model of best practices for many companies in the sector.

Francesc de Haro, the Executive Director/CEO of Concentrol, will be responsible for explaining the company’s sustainable strategy. He will highlight aspects such as the company’s use of renewable energy sources for electricity, the plastic packaging recycling process, efforts to reduce waste, segregation for recycling, and the reduction of transport through tanker supply. These initiatives have earned the company recognition from

The presentation will also feature Josep Serra Pla, owner of La Vinyeta, and Ruben Egea Gonzalez, Director of Operations at Castañer. The event will be moderated by Xavier Soy, Secretary of FOEG and a lawyer.