In the production of boneless cured ham we can find the appearance of a white veil on the surface. This alteration does not appear in small clusters, but covers the entire surface, which causes a very important change in the appearance of the ham.

The origin of the white veil is found in tyrosine. Tyrosine is one of the 20 amino acids that form proteins. This tends to precipitate on the surface in pieces or cuts of ham within a few days of being vacuum packed. It can also appear in hams that stay a few days without being cut into slices. Its formation begins first in the wetter muscles and then spreads to the rest of the surface.

The white veil on the surface of the ham does not pose a health hazard, but it significantly alters the appearance of the product. This can have a negative impact on the consumer’s perception as it can be interpreted as mold or a product in poor condition. For this reason, it is interesting for producers to find ways to prevent the formation of white veil on the pieces of ham but to keep the quality and flavor of the product unchanged.

Concentrol has developed the natural edible coating VIPLAST® C-900 ACG to avoid white veil on the surface of boneless ham pieces. It is an aqueous emulsion of acetic esters of mono and diglycerides of fatty acids and other additives belonging to Group I of Annex II to Regulation (EU) N 1333/2008 (Regulation No 1129/2011).

The VIPLAST C-900 ACG coating prevents the formation of a white veil on boneless hams while allowing an optimal regulation of the curing process of the ham, maintaining the aroma, flavour and juiciness of the product. Its application also minimizes oxidation. It can be applied by dipping, spraying or painting on the product. The coating forms a harmless layer with a natural finish on the surface of the product. This layer does not penetrate the interior of the piece nor does it confer smell or taste.

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