Concentrol has a long experience in the design and production of chemical solutions for the food industry. In its laboratories, the PROTILAT range of natural edible coatings, based on milk proteins, has been developed, which act as glues and fixatives of spices in natural and artificial casings for small and large cured raw sausages. It also offers specific solutions such as VIPLAST, a special coating for products such as ham.

Protein-based coatings ensure a natural finish to each piece, rehydrate weakly once applied and provide protection against fungi and yeasts, improving food preservation. One of the advantages of using these new coatings is that in cases where the coating does not contain any kind of preservative, it is not necessary to specify its composition in the labelling of the final product.

A natural edible coating forms a thin layer of food material on the sausage that can have several beneficial functions for the food: acting as a barrier, improving its properties, ensuring a good curing process and, acting as support additives such as coloring and preservatives.

Each customer and need requires a different formulation that must be adapted to the various conditions of application of the coating and different physical properties and the use of additives, such as preservatives and colorants, may be necessary to ensure that the solution complies with its function. Concentrol offers tailor-made solutions for each customer.

Ensuring the food safety of the product to be coated is one of the main characteristics to take into account. Concentrol has a long experience in solutions for the food industry that has allowed it to create efficient and compliant products.


Types of products 

According to the needs of the customer and the product being made, Concentrol proposes different coating solutions, some formulated based on food contact regulations and others formulated as food additives and/or foods. In the case of the latter, it is edible coatings together with the food.

With the aim of improving the presentation and preservation of the pieces, Concentrol offers different external treatment solutions. In the case of sausages, the needs are mainly the fixation of pepper, fine herbs and spices, offer a protective external treatment that prevents the unwanted growth of mold, that provides an irregular white finish on the surface of the sausages equivalent to the natural growth of Penicillium.

The specific procedure for fixing pepper, fine herbs and spices mentioned above consists of the steps detailed below:

  1. Application by immersion of a layer of gluing product on artificial or natural gut (sometimes also without gut).
  2. Apply the desired pepper, fine herbs or spices on the wet coating layer so that they adhere to the surface.
  3. Once the coating with the coverage is dry, apply the fixative coating by immersion.

The result is a 100% edible covering with a natural finish, which offers adequate protection against the unwanted growth of mold and yeasts, and complies with Regulation (EU) N°1333/2008.

However, there is a specific solution for hams based on a special VIPLAST C-900 ACG product protection treatment for the deboned or diced product. The product offers a natural, slightly matte finish, provides optimal regulation of the curing process of the ham and the appearance of a white veil. VIPLAST C-900 ACG for hams is applied by immersion.