Concentrol’s Food Division is specialized in providing diverse chemical solutions for the preservation, protection, processing and finishing of products for the cheese, meat, fruit and vegetable, and industrial confectionery sectors. At Concentrol we make our own polymers, which offers added value to the solutions of our company, and which makes us deserve a worldwide recognition in the area of food coatings, especially in the cheese sector.

Now, Concentrol presents a novelty offering the Sorbato K35 solution, a preservative solution without plastic coating, which is used independently in different food sectors.


Advantages of the liquid formula

The Sorbato K 35 solution is formulated to act as a fungicide preservative preventing the formation of yeasts, molds and mycotoxins on the surface of food. The main advantage of the new product is that it does not require the use of a plastic coating to support the preservative.

Another advantage of the liquid application offered by Concentrol is that in the case of not having systems that ensure the homogeneous application of the final product or qualified workforce, Sorbato K 35 greatly simplifies its application and ensures that it is correct. Whether the application is direct in the body of the food (sauces, pastries, hummus, flavoured drinks…); or a superficial bath (for example on processed meat products) or application by spraying or painting on the surface (for example pastries or breads) we find a simple and effective application.


Technical description

The product can be applied by dipping or spraying, or it can be incorporated directly into the products during their preparation. It is a solution brown in colour, with a dry extract 35 ± 2% and density 1.00 ± 0.02 kg / l, pH 9 ± 0.5. It comes in packages of 25 kg, 60 kg or 1000 kg containers. Preservatives: E-202.