Concentrol, a company specialized in offering chemical solutions for the industrial production sector, works to always be up-to-date with technological and technical developments in the sector.

For this reason, our professional team periodically prepares articles focused on the related sectors. This would be the case of the article “Release agents for dual density footwear and soles“, by the Department Technician Àngel Rodríguez, published on September 23 on the Concentrol website.

This article has aroused the interest of PU Magazine, a platform recognized for collecting technical and scientific articles and international market reports related to polyurethane. PU Magazine has published the Concentrol article on its website and has also included it in its December Newsletter.

It is not the first time that this specialized magazine is interested in the publications of our company. At the beginning of June, the magazine published the article “Silicone surfactants for low content of aldehyde and aromatic emissions in PU foam”, written by Josep Nadal, technical director of Concentrol, and Adrià López, from the technical department. In July the publication also shared the study “Release agents for molded polyurethane“, by Joaquim Serra from the Performance Materials division. In addition to publishing the documents on paper, PU Magazine also shared them in its Newsletters.


Sector study of polyurethane soles for footwear

In the article by Concentrol, a global vision of the sector of polyurethane soles for footwear is given, detailing the trends of the global market, the structure of dual density footwear, direct injection processes and the types of release agents for footwear. The article also mentions the Concentrol products designed for this sector, which are the references LP ZBC-49 GVE and LX ZBAC-01, detailing their specific properties.

Concentrol maintains its commitment to research and development, and to make its knowledge reach companies and professionals in the sector to continue the path of expansion and internationalization of the company.