Having a product with a quality finish is key to standing out from the competition. For this reason it is imperative that products such as paints, inks, varnishes and industrial coatings have good wetting, good wear resistance, and avoid typical surface defects such as craters or compatibility problems in their use. To give coatings these properties, silicone surface additives are added.

These additives are organo-functional silicones, most of which are made up of polysiloxane copolymers and non-hydrolysable polyether. Unlike traditional silicone oils, these additives are very simple to use and their compatibility with most formulations is very high.

Their properties and the high compatibility of their composition make silicone surface additives a versatile and valuable product in many sectors. In this document we will outline the benefits of silicone surface additives manufactured by Concentrol for the manufacture of paints and dyes as well as textiles and leather.

Concentrol develops and manufactures silicone surface additives using its own technology. Concentrol’s strong commitment to research and innovation allows us today to have complete control over the synthesis of silicone surface additives, offering a wide range of product lines and solutions beyond those in the catalogue with the possibility of studying each specific case and preparing products tailored to the needs of each client.

The range of silicone surface additives offered by Concentrol responds to specific solutions for each manufacturer. All of them are excellent value for money and give the product on which they are applied good thermal stability, good wetting, and intense shine and colour, resistance to abrasion and water repellence. They are easy to apply and do not become yellow over time.

For the paint and ink sector, silicone additives incorporated into the formulation provide the coating with non-stick properties and protection against wear and abrasion while improving wetting. They can be applied to paint and any type of resin without incurring defects or compatibility problems. They do not alter the colour of the base paint and bring shine and homogeneity to the finish.

For the textile sector, they provide a natural and soft finish as well as better resistance to folding and abrasion. Also they protect fabric from shear and facilitate ironing. They neither affect fabric water absorption nor alter colour.

For leather producers, the incorporation of silicone additives provides the product with excellent resistance to friction, while facilitating slippage and providing a shiny and smooth finish to treated leather. These silicone additives dilute very easily and offer excellent wetting properties.

Most silicone additives produced by Concentrol comply with the FDA food contact regulations and many of them with BfR Chapter XV and EU Regulation 10/2011.

Concentrol’s research and development department is constantly conducting studies on the characteristics of the formulations where our silicone surface additives have been incorporated, to improve their properties and adjust them to the requirements of each client or manufacturer.

A study on the wetting properties and effects on the surface tension of the silicone additives in coatings has recently been published on Concentrol’s Research Blog, an especially important property for those water based paints and varnishes which have higher levels of surface tension than solvent-based ones, and which may hinder the application of the product and negatively affect the final appearance.

Article: Silicone additives with wetting properties

Images of the study carried out in Concentrol’s laboratories on the wetting properties of ORDISOL SWT silicone additives

Concentrol’s portfolio of silicone surface additives is very wide and covers the needs of many sectors.

Concentrol controls all the synthesis of silicone surface additives and provides the expertise of its technical team to each client in order to specifically study the requirements of each case to be able to advise on the most suitable silicone surface additive to provide an impeccable finish to the manufacturer’s product and an excellent value for money. Contact us for more information.