The South American market is immersed in a process of constant growth and emerges as a strategic place in the near future. It stands out, above all, as one of the global leaders in the production of transport equipment and exports of minerals and metals. In addition, strategic sectors for Concentrol, such as automobile and footwear, have a strong bearing on commercial relations in South America. For this reason, we need to thoroughly get to know this market and its possibilities.

According to recent data, Concentrol’s expansion in South America is constantly growing and it is expected to continue to do so. The demand for Concentrol’s products by South American countries is growing: in just 4 years, according to the data we have available, there is a forecast to quadruple Concentrol’s sales in South America.

Brazil, the South American country with the highest impact on the global economy

Brazil first of all, followed by Argentina and Colombia, are the South American countries with the highest impact on the global market in recent months. In 2017, Brazil, Chile and Argentina stood as the Latin American areas with the highest number of exports. With regard to imports, Brazil, Argentina and Chile were recorded as the areas that most ordered products outside their borders.

The main South American exports are based on food products, fossil fuels, metals and minerals, and machinery and transport. Brazil, a leader in exports, stands out for its presence in the transport equipment sector. Next, Chile has a notable presence in the global market thanks to copper exports. And, in third place, Argentina stands out for the international sale of soybeans and beef.

The automobile, cheese and footwear, sectors that carry weight in South America

In the data we have, we can observe that the vehicle manufacturing sector has Brazil as one of its top producers. The country was ranked ninth worldwide, in 2007 data, with more than 2.69 million automobiles manufactured. Brazil’s incidence in automobile production is vital in order to understand the importance of the South American market for Concentrol, with the division of polyurethane release agents, a key in the manufacture of upholstery, among others.

Cheese production is another interesting economic sector for Concentrol and our Food Division (cheese coatings). In 2004, Brazil and Argentina were placed on the list of the top 10 cheese producers in the world. The former with a production of 470,000 tonnes, and the latter with more than 398,000 tonnes. However, Argentina appears, in 2004 data, as one of the countries that consume most cheese worldwide, a fact that shows that much of its production remains within their borders.

Regarding the shoe sector, Brazil also has an important international impact. With over 909 million pairs of shoes manufactured, it is fifth in the ranking of countries with the largest production of footwear worldwide. Precisely, the presence of Concentrol in the South American market is also due to the range of solutions that the company offers for the production of all types of footwear, and especially for polyurethane sole footwear.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the production of citrus fruits in South America, which has a considerable weight worldwide and this is a sector in which Concentrol works. The chemical company also offers solutions for the production of citrus fruit in its Food Division, producing and distributing shine coatings and protectors.

Concentrol in South America

The South American market is experiencing a strong process of expansion. Concentrol, which is still immersed in its own internationalization process, is increasingly having an impact on South America, with demand that aims to keep growing. Within 4 years, from 2014, Concentrol’s sales in South America are experiencing an exponential progression.

The country in the Latin continent that has most requested Concentrol products is Uruguay (29.52%), followed by Argentina (23%) and Colombia (22.27%). Below 10%, we find Ecuador, Chile and Brazil, in this order.

Concentrol’s division of polyurethane foam release agents and stabilizers is in line with market trends. The figures of the chemical company in South America are the reflection of a market that increasingly sees Concentrol products as a solution that satisfies their needs. At the same time, this fact is also materialized with Concentrol’s chemicals division.