At Concentrol, a leading company in chemical solutions, our commitment to employee well-being extends beyond the professional realm. On Friday, December 15th, we hosted a special day aimed at informing and connecting with all team members. This event served as a focal point to bid farewell to 2023, a highly positive year in the business sphere, and welcome 2024 with anticipation.


Closing out 2023 and launching into 2024

The team-building day provided the perfect setting to update all employees on the successes achieved during the closure of the previous year and present the exciting plans anticipated for 2024. Transparency is crucial at Concentrol, and thus, we wanted to ensure everyone was well-informed about the company’s prospects.

A primary objective of this day was to foster the creation of bonds and effective team-building. Various activities were curated to promote collaboration, effective communication, and, above all, fun among colleagues. These activities were designed with the goal of nurturing team spirit and fortifying the connections that transform Concentrol’s team into more than just coworkers but a genuine, cohesive unit.

The day concluded with a company lunch where heartfelt wishes for a joyful holiday season were shared.


People, commitment, growth, and collaboration

Concentrol is guided by four fundamental values that define its corporate culture and drive the company towards the future: people, commitment, growth, and collaboration.

At Concentrol, we innovate with chemistry to have a positive impact on society and the planet. With this clear goal, the company prioritizes its people, is committed to mutual success, constantly seeks growth, and understands that collaboration is the key to overcoming any challenge.