Concentrol is dedicated to continuous innovation in order to provide the best solutions to our customers. Validating our current range of products is a challenge as the industry’s needs are constantly evolving. This presents a great opportunity for us to maintain the highest quality standards in the industry.

In this comparative study, we analyze the defoamers from Concentrol’s EMULTROL series and two defoamer products from the market. The specific products evaluated are EMULTROL DFM PGEV-20, EMULTROL DFM DV-28 FG, and two reference products from the market.

To assess the defoaming effectiveness, tests were conducted using the compressed gas injection method in a 2% casein aqueous solution.

The following solutions were analyzed:

  • EMULTROL DFM PGEV-20: a vegetable derivative antifoam with a solid content of 100%
  • EMULTROL DFM DV-28 FG: a silicone antifoam with a solid content of 28%
  • Two market reference products: one silicone-based with 26% solids and another polyether-based with 36% solids.

The compressed gas injection methodology involved adding 200 mL of the 2% casein aqueous solution to an 800 mL beaker. Then, the corresponding antifoam was added at a dose of 0.02% (1 drop), and air was injected through a gas diffuser (pressure: 1 bar; flow rate: 0.1 l/min). The volume of foam formed was recorded every 30 seconds for 15 minutes, or until the foam reached the maximum volume of the beaker. This methodology was replicated at room temperature.

The results demonstrate that EMULTROL DFM PGEV-20 exhibited the best performance in terms of stable long-lasting antifoam activity, followed by EMULTROL DFM DV-28 FG. In contrast, the two market reference products displayed a stable antifoam activity over time or short duration.

Based on the study, it is recommended to use EMULTROL DFM PGEV-20 as an effective defoamer for food processing in aqueous media containing natural proteins such as casein. This product demonstrated higher defoaming effectiveness compared to other commercially available food processing defoamers.

This study showcases Concentrol’s ability to provide long-lasting and highly effective foam control solutions that outperform market standard defoamers in food processing applications. However, Concentrol’s commitment to innovation and quality goes beyond this. We strive to innovate with chemistry not only to add value to our clients, but also to ensure the well-being of society in the present and future. Our dedication to innovation and quality has positioned us as market leaders, always prepared to tackle the challenges of the future.