In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in demand for higher quality products which are also safer and more environmentally friendly in various industrial sectors. Because of this market dynamics, the cold meat industry has prompted the development of edible natural coatings for their products.

An edible natural coating forms a thin layer of edible material on the cold meat that can have various functions beneficial to the food, such as acting as a barrier, improving its properties, being an additive support, protecting small portions or joining different parts of the food.

Concentrol has extensive experience in the design and production of chemical solutions for the food industry. In our laboratories, we have developed the range of edible natural coatings PROTILAT, based on milk proteins which act as binders and fixers of spices in natural and artificial casings for raw cured cold meats of small and large calibre. These coatings ensure a natural finish on each piece, they rehydrate slightly once applied, and provide protection against fungi and yeasts, improving the preservation of food. When the coating does not contain any preservative additives, it is not necessary to specify its composition on the final product labeling.

Keep in mind that the application conditions of the coatings are unique for each customer and may require formulations with different physical properties and preservatives to ensure optimal results. For this reason, Concentrol offers its customers the possibility to adapt them to your needs.