Food safety is one of the characteristics to take into account when talking about coating of cold meats and hams. Therefore, based on its experience in design and production of chemical solutions for the food industry, Concentrol has launched the development of edible natural coatings for cold meats and hams that guarantee a higher quality and food safety.

According to the needs of each client and the product they make, Concentrol proposes various coating solutions, some formulated under food contact regulations and others formulated as food additives and / or food. The latter will be edible coatings together with the food.

An edible natural coating forms a thin layer of edible material on the cold meat that has several beneficial functions for the food.

With the aim of improving the presentation and conservation of food items, Concentrol offers various external treatment solutions. Cold meats need mainly fixation of pepper, fine herbs and spices, an external protective treatment that prevents the unwanted growth of mold on the surface and offer a mold-simulating treatment, which provides an irregular white finish on the surface equivalent to the natural growth of Penicillium.

The specific procedure for fixing pepper, fine herbs and spices cited above consists of the following steps:
1.- Application by immersion of a layer of adhesive product on artificial or natural casings (sometimes directly without casings)
2.- Apply the pepper, fine herbs or spices desired on the wet coating layer so that they remain adhered to the surface.
3.- Once the coating with the cover is dry, apply the fixing coating by immersion.

The result is a 100% edible cover with natural finish, which offers an adequate protection against the unwanted growth of mold and yeast and complies with Regulation (EU) N° 1333/2008. Concentrol’s solutions allow a perfect fixation of various spices on any casing and caliber of cold meat.

In addition, there is a specific solution for hams based on a special VIPLAST protection treatment for deboned ham. The product offers a natural finish, slightly matt, provides an optimal regulation of the curing process of the ham and prevents the formation of mold and the appearance of a white tinge. VIPLAST C-900 ACG for hams is applied by immersion.

For more detailed information on the product range and on how CONCENTROL can offer solutions adapted to your needs for cold meat and ham coatings, please contact us.