Concentrol’s historical background is worth explaining. Before becoming one of the international market leaders in the field of chemical solutions for the industrial sector, the company gone through three very different phases: its birth, its growth and its internationalization. 

Each of these phases is full of anecdotes and stories that have been shared by the people who witnessed them. The company wanted to take advantage of this knowledge to publish a series of videos explaining the history of Concentrol.

The videos are the result of some articles that we have already published and that were very well received. The texts narrate the birth of the company in 1941 thanks to Jaume Guàrdia Jordà, who inaugurated it with the name “Tintas Concentrol”. 

It also explains how the founder’s son, Josep Guàrdia Rodà, redefined the business strategy with a great entrepreneurial vision in 1962. 

The third article narrates the period between 1994 and 2013, a period in which the company focused its efforts on strengthening its R&D (Research&Development) team and focusing on the expansion phase. 

Along the same lines, the fourth article deals with the internationalisation of Concentrol, a company that is now considered a multinational and is consolidated on an international scale. 

The last article explains the different ways in which the company always shows itself to be close to its customers, studying their preferences and needs, adapting the solutions to their circumstances and promoting a close and trusting relationship.

These audiovisual pieces can be viewed through Concentrol’s YouTube channel and through the company’s social networks, specifically on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.